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How to Create Ultra-Secure Passwords

With data breaches occurring more and more, it is important to protect personal information stored in online accounts with secure passwords. The majority of passwords do not pass the test. Learn how to create a password that will keep your data safe online.

Would you rather wash the dishes than create a new password for an online account? If you chose the dirty dishes, you are not alone. According to a study by Harris Interactive and Janrain, 38% of those surveyed would prefer doing household chores over creating a secure username and password combination. And when we finally sit down to create these passwords, we don’t seem to be that good at it.

According to Instant Checkmate, 73% of people use the same password for multiple sites. Even scarier, 33% of people use one password for every site they visit.

With weak passwords all over the Internet, researchers at Imperva found that it would take an expert hacker under 20 minutes to break into 1,000 different accounts. That doesn’t leave you with very good odds.

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